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Apple Watch Giveaways

As a marketing offer, we’re organizing this giveaway exactly where we’re providing the readers of ours an opportunity to win 5 series three Apple Watches. You merely need to get into this particular giveaway, and this Apple watch could be on the wrists of yours. Right now there are hardly any hidden costs or any types of surveys. You merely need to follow a number of very simple guidelines, and you are going to be eligible to win a high quality watch which not merely lets you know the time but is created to do a lot more.

Apple Watch Giveaways

About Apple Watch Series three: Features and specifications

With regards to designing premium systems, Apple sure knows the way of its. It’s a lot more than simply a smartwatch. It’s far in front of the conventional smartwatches offered on the market. It’s much more than simply a wearable that monitors the day of yours to day activities. It’s an adventure.

The Apple Watch comes with an iconic style. The curved curves of the rectangular piece of art appear exquisite. It’s a fascinatingly self contained information bubble which keeps you connected to the iPhone of yours even if it’s much from the reach of yours. Couple it together with the Apple Airpods and also you are going to unleash the actual potential of this unit.

With all the current series three Apple Watch, you are able to keep track of the workouts of yours, pulse rate, calories burnt on the go. Consequently, it allows you to keep the body of yours fit. Together with the brand new cellular connectivity released to the series three Apple Watch, you are able to receive calls, flat when it’s not attached to the iPhone of yours. You are able to stream your radio and playlists straight to the Apple Watch of yours. The gadget is water resistant, along with swimmers or maybe liquid athletes are able to utilize it also.

Apple Watch has a vivid and dazzling OLED display which provides decent visibility outdoors. The glass is sturdy and can simply bear drops and falls. Apple’s the users are enabled by virtual assistant to make use of the smartwatch hands free as well as causes it to be fun to make use of it.

With these amazing functions and visual design, everybody will prefer an Apple Watch on their own. Nevertheless, you are able to get one without digging an enormous hole in the pocket of yours. You don’t need to spend your hard earned savings and money on this particular gadget.

We’re supplying you with a small time chance to get this gorgeous also indeed sensible Apple Watch for completely no cost. You simply have to go by a few precise suggestions to get into this particular giveaway, so this particular novice driver series three Apple Watch is usually all yours.

The Giveaway Is actually Heating Up

The Apple WATCH giveaway

Is like as of the time of the article, we actually have 3 individuals qualified for the top prize of ours in our Apple Watch giveaway! Simply wanted to send out a huge shout out to Wilma Demarest, Javier Carr, and William Gratton! Every one individuals comes with an entry to win an Apple Watch when the giveaway ends of ours in May.

Anybody who’s simply starting out must do what these great rivals have performed as well as begin by watching our Apple Watch Giveaway Tutorial clip. In checking out the competition backend, I know all of the top competitors of ours have generated the bonus of theirs points by seeing the clip, and also considering exactly how they’re generating a minimum of a 100 or maybe more points one day on average shows me that they’re taking the suggestions coming from the video clip and also placing them to use that is good.

Some suggestions for people simply getting started, you are able to earn straightforward points by liking the Facebook page of ours. It is a single click the contest page when you’ve registered and you receive a totally free hundred points. The subsequent easiest method to make huge points is watching our Apple Watch giveaway tutorial video recording that is on the contest page. Make sure you register for the giveaway first and observe the video until the end. At the conclusion of the video, simply follow the link that demonstrates you watched the clip. When you open the webpage, the account of yours is going to be credited with an extra 250 points! Watching that video is crucial to the success of yours as it breaks down the simple ways you are able to earn points every day doing things you currently do online. The top competitors of ours have been by using Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, Google+, Twitter, and email to talk about the links of theirs with people they are fully aware if. We’ve also seen several links coming from other websites and forums promoting the contest utilizing the contestants distinctive contest Url.

If you’ve Twitter and Facebook, you can quickly earn as much as 200 points one day by sharing the contest link of yours with your followers and friends. Our tutorial clip details that YouTube is in fact the simplest way to earn big points each day. We all know creating a video clip speaking about the Apple Watch giveaway of ours isn’t simple and we reward those kinds of submissions heavily. Even signing up to us on YouTube can help earn you points. Liking the videos of ours is another simple way to get points.

Their continues to be a lot of some time to get involved with the Apple Watch giveaway of ours. Sign up now and start sharing the unique contest link of yours with the friends of yours, followers, family, as well as the world! The greater number of individuals you can click the hyperlink, the greater number of points you’ll earn. Getting individuals to sign up underneath the link of yours will in addition get you big points that has helped our leaders reach the stage just where they’re today. Hoping you all of the very best of luck in the Apple Watch contest.

The SmartWatch Giveaway Update

The Smartwatch

The Apple Watch giveaway is in force that is full also we simply needed to publish a rapid update! Tons of men and women are actually making an additional 250 points only for seeing entire tutorial video on giveaway page is Watched by the Apple. At the conclusion of the video, almost all you have to accomplish is click the website link and you’ll be brought to our congratulations page that will immediately credit the account of yours with an extra 250 points! Make sure you simply click the hyperlink in the conclusion of the video as merely seeing the video until the conclusion won’t instantly enable you to get the points. Watching the video not merely earns you bonus points fast and easily…it also shows you how to earn a huge number of points one day doing things you currently do online!

Our biggest update is we’ve extended the first Apple of ours Watch contest out a bit more than we’d initially planned. The initial giveaway was set to conclude on March 15th, 2015; however, Tim Cook, Apple CEO, announced throughout the Apple earnings call the Apple Watch will start shipping sometime in April. Because of the point that the Apple Watch wouldn’t were accessible to the winner of ours had we finished the Apple Watch competition during March, we’ve made the decision to lengthen the contest into early June. This will give you much more time to truly start promoting the contest link of yours and getting other individuals to sign up under you to enhance the points of yours to qualify for the prizes of ours!

The more you share the link of yours on various social networking platforms, the more chance you’ve of qualifying for the prizes of ours! We make it super easy to share the unique contest link of yours with your followers and friends on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and Pinterest by merely clicking a button on the contest page of ours. It will take virtually seconds to make points and also you are able to talk about the links of yours by Twitter and Facebook as much as ten times one day for a maximum of 200 points between only those 2 platforms every day! Make sure you see the competition rules page to find out exactly how simple you are able to earn points for the giveaway of ours!

Apple Watch Giveaways

Join our giveaway today is Watched by free Apple!

Apple Watch

In case you’re going to the site, you’re somebody who understands exactly how incredible the innovative Apple Watch is and therefore are interested in picking a single up. If you’re like lots of people though, you don’t wish to spend a great deal of cash for one more accessory for the mobile life of yours. I am certain you’ve gone to a lot of various other websites claiming to hand out products that are free and then have you finish some kind of survey or even obtain something that just leads you down a route in which you receive- Positive Many Meanings – nothing! We detest those kinds of websites and are keeping a legitimate Apple Watch giveaway in which their are zero forced downloads, surveys, or maybe any scams at all. The one thing you have to accomplish in order to win a no cost Apple Watch is joining the Apple Watch giveaway of ours and encourage the Apple Watch contest. Uncertain precisely how to advertise the Apple Watch giveaway? We ensure it is really easy to work with social networking websites as Twitter and Facebook to make points that will enable you to qualify to win a totally free Apple Watch along with various other great prizes! All that you have to accomplish is register for the complimentary Apple Watch contest, then simply click on a couple of back links and also you are able to begin making large areas each day! We also provide you with 150 tips simply for putting in the totally free Apple Watch competition and also liking us on Facebook! We cause it to be truly simple to qualify for prizes in our Apple Watch giveaway which you actually don’t have some reason to join the contest today of ours!

Clearly the grand prize of ours is going to be a no cost Apple Watch, we will have additional prizes that will be given out too. Those who don’t generate adequate points because of the complimentary Apple Watch can continue to qualify for a Pebble Smart Watch, in addition to 1dolar1 50.00 iTunes Gift Cards. The giveaway of ours is very simple to understand, a contestant is required by each prize to generate a certain quantity of points by easily posting the totally free Apple Watch competition by using social media, social networking, as well as email. The moment somebody qualifies for a prize, the name of theirs is easily entered into the system of ours being randomly drawn after the contest ends. If a person makes enough points for the Apple Watch, they instantly gained enough points being entered into our many other prize drawings too and are commercially capable to earn as many as 3 prizes!

So why are we giving out a totally free Apple Watch along with other incredible prizes? We know the old saying you don’t get a thing for nothing…and while we’re not asking you paying us anything to get into the Apple Watch giveaway of ours, we do gain from you generating points by advertising the Apple Watch contest of ours. Every time you Facebook such as, tweet or maybe G+ us, it can help our website attract a lot more people. The more you’re working on earning points, the greater number of individuals find out about us. Therefore all that you have to accomplish to qualify to win an Apple Watch or any other cool gifts is do what you most likely happen to be performing every day and also use social media and social networks to say the contest of ours to make simple points. Full information on earning points because of this contest could be found in this case.

To start Free Apple Watch Giveaway Winners!

First Winner

It has been a very long time coming for people who got in on this totally free Apple Watch contest a very long while back. Individuals with the most points know precisely what I’m discussing here as they’ve been with us from nearly the beginning. The staff here at cost-free apple watch don’t expected anyone to buy more than 10,000 points; however 3 of our rivals shocked us be going all out and also following more than 20,000 points! If perhaps we might give out far more than a single Apple Watch, we will have loved to make each one of the contestants of ours that scored more than 20,000 points a totally free Apple Watch. Unfortunately that’s not the way the giveaway is structured however. Below is the summary of contestants who have been qualified for the prizes in the giveaway of ours. The winners were randomly selected by the contest of ours software program and can be separately contacted making use of the email they authorized with for our competition.

The 1dolar1 50.00 iTunes Gift Card Winners


In revealing the winners, we are going to begin with the 1dolar1 50.00 iTunes Gift Cards. To be able to be qualified for this particular prize group, contestants required to get a minimum of 1,500 points while in the cost-free apple watch giveaway. We have been somewhat shocked that just seven individuals in fact qualified for this particular prize as the tutorial video of ours shows how simple it’s to get thousand points in one day…which could be replicated every single day. Nevertheless, it’s time to announce our iTunes Gift Card winners.

Congratulations to Rob Clark, Javier Carr, and Cynthia Deloach! Every one of you really qualified for this particular gift card, in addition to the Pebble Smartwatch depending on the quantity of tips you earned in the giveaway. As several prizes could likely go to exactly the same individual as a result of the random drawing software of ours, lets find out if any individuals could choose some extra prizes.

The Pebble SmartWatch Winners

Pebble SmartWatch

The second prize of ours in the free Apple of ours Watch giveaway competition was obviously a Pebble SmartWatch. Two lucky contestants are likely to be receiving this great smartwatch within the following week. To be able to be qualified to win this particular prize, a contestant should get 3000 points or even more. Again we’d seven individuals who were capable to qualify for this particular prize. The fortunate winners of a completely new, free Pebble SmartWatch are Wilma Demarest and Jacob Rowe!

Giveaway Grand Prize is Watched by The Free Apple Winner

Apple Watch

Today the second, we’ve all been waiting for…it is some time to announce the winner of the complimentary Apple Watch. Only 5 individuals actually obtained 5000 or maybe more points that made them eligible for the grand prize of ours. As stated previously, we truly wish to present a huge thank you to Wilma Demarest, William Gratton, Javier Carr, Carol Pratt, plus Rob Clark for the shear quantity of areas they obtained by simply revealing the contest link of theirs, posting about the competition on social networking websites, and also utilizing YouTube. Regrettably, their may just be a grand prize winner. The winner randomly selected by the software of ours is William Gratton! The marketing team of ours will be reaching out for you shortly to aid you with choosing and buying the Apple Watch of yours according to the preferences of yours.

Stay Tuned For Giveaway is Watched by Another Apple!

With all the achievements of our very first free Apple Watch competition, we’re intending to run one more contest in the really near future. Hopefully we are going to see several of you once again for the brand new contest when it begins up. If perhaps you’ve some other prize suggestions please be at liberty to allow us know in the comment area below this article. We were a bit shocked it came right down to a one in 5 chance shot for somebody to take home a totally free Apple Watch. Those’re possibly the most effective odds out their for just about any giveaway. Thins about that the next time we’ve a contest as each individual had a twenty % chance at winning the Apple Watch. Getting to 5000 points and much more is clearly very attainable, you simply need to take a look at the contest tutorial video of ours or look at the rules page to see the way to earn the maximum points each day. Heck simply observing the tutorial video in the entirety of its makes you an additional 250 points! We try and make the Apple Watch giveaway as simple for you as you can and hope to find out you once again for the following one. When you haven’t currently accomplished so, please like the Facebook page of ours, follow us on Twitter, and follow us on Google+ so that you understand exactly when the following competition will start up. Whatever we post to this site automatically gets sent to the social media pages of ours. Function as the 1st to join the next Apple of ours Watch giveaway for the most effective chance at making the most areas which could help make certain you are eligible for the grand prize drawing.

Apple Watch Giveaways